Better concrete with bedrock gravel

Kamrock wants to invest into being environmentally friendy, flexibile and utilizing a customer oriented approach, and not just in our sales pitches. Therefore we are now beginning to offer a new kind of environmentally friendly service, which ensures the supply of high quality concrete aggregate for decades on.

Wherever in Finland you are, we can promise that we can find a production place for 0-8 mm concrete aggregate within a distance of 25 km from your location. The product is intended for the use of the concrete industry to ensure the supply of aggregate as gravel reserves run out and to reduce expenses per produced cube of concrete.

We offer an opportunity to try out some 0-8 mm bedrock gravel produced by us for those who are interested. We are certain about the quality of our new product, so you may try out a trial batch for free!

Are you interested? Read more about the new product here. You may contact us through this link.